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About Us

Welcome to Uzado!

Uzado, which means “use” or “usage” in Esperanto, is a Canadian-based company, with operations across Canada and the United States. Uzado’s mission is to provide specialized IT Services, streamlined processes, instant reporting and detailed insights – all within one system.

We focus on using insights to drive business decisions. There’s no need to leave strategies to chance, when insights can be used to show what changes to make and how to make them. Uzado offers multiple services to help companies simplify IT, centralize cybersecurity management, and meet compliance standards. We can also customize our services so that we work with your existing IT network and programs. Check out our Core Services page for a list of these services.

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Dave Millier, Founder & CEO

Dave Millier is a Serial Entrepreneur, Off-Road Motorcycle Rider, Adventure Traveler, Published Author & Food Lover. Dave’s previous company, Sentry Metrics is known as an industry leader in the MSSP (managed security service provider) space. Don’t forget to check out Dave’s book, titled Breached!. A novel about the challenges businesses face around cyber security and ways to effectively manage it.

Our Promise

We promise to streamline your IT. Uzado offers a simplified risk management approach to cybersecurity strategies, where we'll help you prioritize your action plan through various risk dimensions and roadmapping. We will also provide highly detailed insights to help you make better business decisions.

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